Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why Reskinning T6 for PVP Bothers So Many.

Gear serves two purposes in this game. It makes your character more powerful, and it's a status symbol. When you see someone with nice gear, you can assume that they know how to play their class well with others, and that they'll generally be knowledgeable about the game they play. Gear says a lot about your character, and it's what separates you from those who haven't put the time in. Everyone learns when they level that the rarity of an item and the difficulty required to attain it almost always dictates the uniqueness of it's appearance and the impressive stats it provides your character.

So why dilute the rarity of high-end epic items such as Tier 6 by adding a bunch of easy to obtain items that look identical. The difficulty in earning T6 helm is an order of magnitude more difficult than grinding 1850 arena points and buying a look-alike. So then when you see this player with it, you have no idea without inspecting them up close as to their skill level and game experience. Reskinning gear strips players of the status symbol that comes with attaining high level gear, and dilutes the elite feeling of having nice gear that you worked hard for. PVP gear should have unique and interesting model skins like they did preBC. If I saw a Grand Marshal sword before the honor change, that meant something. Now it's bland and just part of the scenery, just like all the Season 3/T6 will be.

All the gear that raiders work so hard for, spending hours coordinating, raiding, and farming consumables and gold to pay for is rendered not only non-unique, but often times obsolete. Nobody likes their in-game achievements lessened by opening it up to anyone with an hour a day and 4 random people in their arena team.


Josh H said...

i agree. Especially @ your folks level of raiding (T6 stuff).

Tom said...

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No, wait, i want to play patty cake with you while we gang bang katie.

yeah, that.

Joel said...
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Soladoras said...

It's a slap in the face to PvPers as well. Basically, recolored gear for pvp just says, "Oh hai PvPers, your accomplishments aren't worth 2 weeks of our graphic designers' time."