Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bulwark of Azzinoth.

Oh man. The king of all tank shields. Our first attempt tonight ended with me getting clipped by an eyebeam I was sure I was clear of. Everyone had a good laugh and we hauled ass back up to the top of Black Temple for another crack at The Betrayer. Second attempt was just about flawless from 100% to 0. Things got a little hairy at around 15% when Draan dipped dangerously low. I like to think the 16k Lay on Hands I hit on him with 0 overheal redeemed my earlier misstep. Apparently Illidan thought so too, as he saw fit to smile on me again.


Avere said...

Gratz on your bomb shelter door!


Bart said...

Too bad you'll still die from eye beams.

I made poast, kk?

Joe said...