Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sunwell PTR and Content Testing

I propose the creation of a couple of 'Elite' realms in which character copies are restricted to guilds that have oh say, 50 or more pieces of T6 across all players. This would allow for real content testing instead of the congestion of multiple players copying over so they can see how '1337' the spell haste changes are.

I feel like the PTR really doesn't hold true to it's name for the most part because of the glut of players that copy over to just idle in IF. I'm all for helping Blizzard test content (it's pretty clear now that instances with heavy PTR testing like Naxxramas and Black Temple have been stellar places to raid) and it would be great if real time could be spent on this instead of battling queues and senseless congestion so people can /dance in their premade T6 items.

Feel free to bump my post on the suggestion forums.